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Karen Bates

Excellent Personal Training

Natasha is a wonderful personal trainer! She is knowledgeable and caring and individualizes my training to meet my specific needs. Her approach is holistic and she makes sure that all aspects of my health are taken into consideration, including cardio, strength training, stretching and nutrition.

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Gretchen Kelsey

Working with Tasha was the best fitness decision I ever made!

It wasn’t until I started working with Tasha that I realized that working out can feel refreshing. I started working with Tasha because I needed a professional who would help me get stronger without getting hurt. I was recently postpartum—and my postpartum body had split abs (diastasis recti), residual sciatic nerve pain, and a terrible pelvic tilt.

Tasha was AMAZING. She took note of each issue I had, and immediately applied the knowledge she already had from her training—but when she felt that her current knowledge fell short, she went home and further researched my issues—and specifically chose exercises that would not only help with body correction but also help me meet my fitness goals.

Tasha is a very supportive trainer and is an excellent motivator!

She also recognizes that fitness is half the battle, and that healthy eating is the other half. She helped to bring awareness to some unhealthy choices I was making and I have made lasting changes as a result.

Whatever your fitness goal is, Tasha will help you reach it!

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Kim Jenkins

As a business owner, mother of 4 and wife, extra time is not something I have a lot of! Natasha’s in home training enables me to take care of myself in an effective, efficient way! Her energy is contagious and her transparency is appreciated. The nutritional guidance she provides is easy to follow and is geared for real life!

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Brooke Gibson

I love working with Natasha! She helped me know what I needed to do physically and mentally. She pushed me to be better not only with exercising but knowing when I needed to pay attention to my individual needs. Unfortunately we as wives and mothers never put ourselves first and at the cost of our sanity. She helped me see the importance of balancing these. Plus I love her amazing attitude and sunshine smile, brightens anyone’s day!

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Shelly Hudson    

I really enjoyed my sessions with Coach Natasha. She was patient with me as I was just getting back into working out. She pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. She gave me workouts for each body part and focused on the areas that needed the most help. I highly recommend Natasha as an your Personal womens Health Coach

Program Mindfully Fit        

Leslie Johnson

Natasha is fabulous. I'm not a very coachable person, very set in my ways. She's been an inspiration to me both in fitness and as a business woman. Her programs are diverse and catered to Your needs. i highly recommend Fitness and Energy.

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