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Food and Flowers Therapy

Emotional healing begins within.

  • 1 hour
  • 69 US dollars
  • online

Service Description

What are flower essences? Flower essences are liquid, energetic remedies made from the flowers of living plants. First developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s, flower essences are made by exposing a water-flower infusion to direct sunlight or moonlight for a specific period of time. The flowers are then removed, and the remaining liquid is combined with brandy or vinegar to preserve the properties of the essence. How do they work? When ingested or applied to the skin, flower essences introduce the energy of a particular plant into the human system. Each essence has its own energetic imprint and area of influence and can help to restore and balance your body systems to help with emotions, anxiety and overall wellness. Benefits of Flower Essences Flower and gem essences offer a natural way to support our physical, emotional and mental well being. Essences of the flower help us to become more connected to our own energies and build healthy whole habits of healing. Sourced directly from nature, essences give us access to the qualities of particular plants and minerals that can, in turn, help us reset patterns of imbalance due to stress, everyday life challenges and help us to overcome past emotions we maybe holding on to. Our emotions can sometimes take over and have us feeling lost, or exhausted , or burnout, or the opposite where you cannot slow down, you push away help or you are too driven to stop,. When this chaos happens we tend to turn to food as a coping to help us feel happy, or in control, or just to comfort us. By pairing the flowers and foods together this helps to build a better nourishment bond within yourself and with food. If you have been using foods as an emotional release and feel as if you have no control and want that back this counseling is for you. At Fitness and Energy , we are thrilled to offer our virtual Food and Flowers service, which combines the healing power of essence flowers with personalized nutrition to support your overall health and well-being. Our certified holistic nutritionist will work with you virtually to create a personalized nutrition plan that addresses your unique health concerns and goals. Our service also includes the use of essence flowers, which can promote emotional healing, balance, and uplift your mood. These flowers are carefully selected and crafted into a customized blend just for you. Our Food and Flowers service is perfect for those seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness

Cancellation Policy

Please give 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. There will be no Refund, and you make reschedule with in the 48 hour window.

Contact Details


Fitness and Energy 4143 Weeks Dr, Warrenton, VA, USA

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