Welcome December

Welcome to the last month of the year. This has been a year to remember or maybe one you want to forget, but as the year comes to a close look at what you have done. Did you write off any of your to do's on that list? Did you reach any new milestones or check off any goals? I hope no matter what through this year you learned about YOU.

I hope that this year has shown you how you want to be. How you can take care of yourself and your health. I hope that this year you did have some joyous moments to look upon and I hope most of all you Discovered Your Super Power Your Light!

With the rest of this year, these days, I hope they are filled with Joy, Love, Health and Light.

Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. Smile

Holistic Natasha

Let's Cook! With the Holidays here that means all the foods you may love over the holidays are back. And that may mean sugary foods, foods that you normally don't eat everyday and foods that seem fit for the season. And this year may have been a tough year and your health may have slipped, and that's okay. You may want a break or even some new ideas for Healthy ways to swap some of your favorites! I have made a New Recipe Book just for the Holidays! These are easy and fun recipes that are inspired by the season with a Healthy Twist! Enjoy and share your meals with friends and families this year. If you use any recipes from this book please use the #fitnessandenergyholidayeats

Download • 5.44MB

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