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Weight Loss 101: Moms's series

Back to the Basics

So you are ready to start a losing weight, change up your eating plan, clean house, workout, get fit, get strong...... but wait where do you start? Starting out can be overwhelming because maybe you want to start out so fast. It may work for a couple of weeks or more but what happens when you hit a wall? Do you step up or do you give in? In order to be successful in anything in life you have to have a solid plan. A plan that you know you can and will stick to.

That's why I always suggest starting back with the basics. Make a list of what you want to do, what your goals are, when you want to complete the goal, and how much time you can spend on doing the goal. Make a list of 3/3. Three things you want to see change about your body, your eating habits, and your life in general. From that list pick 1 from each list that you know in your heart of hearts you can do consistently for 2 weeks. Once you do them for 2 weeks move on to the next 3 but here comes the tricky part, you still have to do the first 3 that you started with!

Discipline plays a huge part in your new plan. Without discipline you may start to lose sight of your goals, slack off and the excuses start to come in. Have a set plan and one trick to start doing is Journaling.

Journal your daily works and your food. This will shed some light on what you are eating and what you are missing, and bring awareness if you need to move more. Have a journal for food/working out and have a gratitude journal as well.

Showing yourself gratitude will help you to be kinder to yourself, and be more mindful to you. Your body needs to know that no matter what you will always love it, care for it, and be kind to it. We only have this one body so why not love it completely as it is.

Journaling will help you into keeping track of your goals!

Workout Plan

Do some simple exercises that you know you can do right now. Walking, swimming or even biking are great ways to get you moving and bringing up your heart rate. If it has been months or even years since your last workout try doing body weight moves first. You want to know you body awareness, your flexibility and your strength of your body weight before you start any lifting. If your goal is to lose weight make Cardio your best bud! Do some type of exercise that pumps your HR(heart rate) that you can do for 20 minutes at least 3x a week. Have 2 days a week for body weight training.

Check out this body weight circuit to get you started!

Start were you are and you will get the results you want. Remember it took you time to put the weight on and it will take time to take it off.

Love Coach Natasha

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