Weight Loss 101: Finding time and making time for you.

Finding time for yourself is number 1 in starting any type of wellness plan. In order for you to find success and make things work you must be in tune with you. You must know what things you like to do and the things you do not like or would not do and this pertains to fitness. Anyone can workout and do exercises but it takes time, and consistency to see progress. If you are not full invested in yourself then things may take longer.

Schedule time for you! Yes that is right make an appointment for yourself with yourself. Pull out your calendar book, or your phone calendar and pick a time for yourself to connect back to you! This is all an investment back into you! Give yourself just as much attention that you give to everyone else but more! Give your attention to things in your life that will have a positive influence on you and let go of anything from your past that is holding you back! Once you are free from past mind-setting language as in" I don't have the time" "I'm to busy" "I'm to tried" "I'm to out of shape" Instead insert positive mind-setting langue:

"I'm tried but my body needs this attention"

"I will make time for me"

"I will adjust my schedule to make it work"

Making these adjustments in your language and your mindset will push you forward to were you want to be.

Making Time

What works best for you, the morning, afternoon, or evening? Finding what works best is going to help you make a great pattern of working out and eating better. And of course staying consistent with the same time will help you to see lots of changes in your body composition, mood, and overall stress levels. Once you have the time of day schedule for you pick some form of activity some type of movement you love to do! Walking, swimming, prepping meals, anything that will make you feel on top of the world! Yes you may even break a sweat and that is great, but your goal is to find something you can do and actually enjoy doing it!

Let your family know that you will be busy for X amount of time. Show your schedule so they can see that you are taking care of you. When you let others know they will respect what you are doing and you may even inspire someone. As a mom of two it is very important to me that my kids know how to take care of themselves and also respect my time for me. This will create a positive mindset for them as well and you are influencing them to learn how to respect and love their body.

Make a routine:

Pick 4 days out of the week with the same time of day and do that activity for 20-25 minutes. If can look like this:

Monday-walking 20 minutes

Wednesday- walking 25 minutes

Thursday- walking 20 minutes

Friday- walking 25 minutes

This is just as example that is simple, easy and most of all doable!

You have the power to put yourself first and love you!

"Never seek validation,approval or acceptance. Love yourself instead. Give yourself the attention you need. Go within and dive deeper until you realize that everything you've always been looking for was only to get closer to your own self. You need you more than you need yourself"

-Idil Ahmed

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