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Vacation Mode

Vacation. Vacation. Vacation! Who loves a great vacation? Who needs one with the year we are having? Vacation especially family vacation are one of my favorites being a mom now. Growing up we didn't go on much or any at all that I can recall. Summers with cousins and visiting grandparents we just about it for me as a kid. But now since I'm a grown up things have changed! 

My hubby and I plan where to go. What sites to see and conflict on what foods to eat! Argh!!! 

Maintaining the way I eat on vacation vs home is super tough. Tough because my family's mindset is "hey we are not home so I'm going to eat all the things!" Vs my mindset is "No". 

But let's be real. On vacation, or holiday our mindset has been shifted to the point that we feel we deserve to eat a special kind of way because we are on vacation time. 

We want to indulge in the foods we no longer eat a lot of or not at all for the moment. And so you may or may not eat all the foods. And then what happens next? We feel guilty. Maybe even ashamed. For what? Eating food?! Excuse me but that is such BS! 

Food is food. Food is energy in and energy out! If you want to eat a food then eat the food! Your body will let you know how it feels after. I want you to never feel guilty for wanting or eating a certain food due to the stereotype that has been set in your mind. 

Of course if you have cut out certain foods continue to do so. No point in going backwards when you are changing your food journey for the better of you. 

Our vacation this year was the #outerbanks. We stayed in Corolla and guest what?! I ate all the foods, but I did my best to stay of course of what I eat vs what everyone else did! 

You to can make your vacation the same as you were eating at home. Just because the location changes doesn't mean you need to change with it! 

Here are my safe vacation nutrition tips! 

1. Bring your Protein powders, supplements and menus with you. This way you are prepared and ready! 

2. Check out the local restaurants ahead of time! Look online for the menus and ask questions! Ask what oils they use. Ask how high the sodium level is in the dressings. The content should be on the menu but if not ask questions. 

3. Have at least 2 plant based meals. This will help with inflammation, and veggies have tons of water and fiber to fill you up! Your protein can be beans, mushrooms,  lentils or see if the stores or restaurants have a veggie burger. 

4. Pair your meals with water or tea! Have your spirits of that's what you like but ladies remember to have that water right beside it! 

5. Eat veggies with all your meals! Just like above veggies are loaded with tons of phytonutrients, fiber, and water. Eat the rainbow! 

And last, Keep Moving! Walking, swimming, whatever it takes! 

Vacation are your time to relax,  unwind and have fun. But stay on course. You are changing and evolving and there is nothing wrong with that! 

Coach Natasha 

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