To cook or not to cook

First off yes I cook every night. Yes I love to cook every night. Well not Saturdays that's my husband's then to cook 😉 but with that I cook mostly every night. My secret is and will also be my crockpot pots or Dutch oven! They are the reason for many of my recipes, meals, and time savers!! I don't not know where we would be without them! So yes I love to cook every night.

I love making meals, preparing food for my family knowing that the food we are about to ingest is part of my own creation. I do not having any formal training nor do I want to be a chef, I just want to be able to make meals at home with love and nutrition for them.

I love that each time I do make a meal I either get one of two things:

"Mom this is amazing" or I get total silence and only the "mmms" I love that!

Cooking does not have to be hard work! You do not need to make a glamour meal, set the fine china (if you have it 😊) or take hours of your day in the kitchen. Make meals that are simple to follow, have lots of colors, flavor, lean meats, veggies and most of all your love!

Let's cook to what's cook to nourish our bodies. Let's get back to eating around the table with our families and talking about our days. Invite your kids in the kitchen with you and let them see how to cook so they will know when they're ready to go how to prepare and make their meals on their own.

So check out the other fabulous crockpot recipes I have created for you to add into your kitchen tool box! Enjoy

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