The Imperfect Perfect Body

The other day I met up with a friend. We in conversation about kids, life and all that fun stuff when out of no were she said to me “ you look really thin” it took me a moment to reply back and what came out of my mouth was “ oh okay” we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. The funny thing about that is it happen on Thursday day and its Sunday and I am still thinking about it! I should have said to my friend “thank you, but I have not lost any weight” or nothing at all.

See this happens to me daily. I either hear I’m to thin, to fit, I need to eat more, I should workout less, etc… but the thing that bothers me to most is that I actually start to think about what they are saying to me. I actually start taking their opinions of me and my self image and think of ways to please what they are saying about my body. I want you to take a moment and think about someone saying something to you about your body. How did that make you feel? Did you stop and think that they are right? You should so what they say? If so stop! We are not all the same when it comes to our bodies! Our bodies are perfectly perfect for us. No body is the same body!

Say that to yourself. No Body Is The Same Body. We all have different shapes, sizes, lengths, and more! Was we stop listening to what others are saying and listen yourself then you will have the body and mindset you want. We do have one thing in common with each other. We all have an imperfect body. No body will ever be perfect. Make up, Photoshop, and illusion can fix and solve a lot of cover ups. But that’s all it is and will be. Who wants to be perfect? What will that give you?

I say instead of aiming for perfection lets aim for health and longevity. Let’s promote self love, and show our girls what we love about our bodies and embrace that love so they can follow that image instead of what they show us in magazines and TV

screens. Loving yourself excepting you for you is a master skill to have!

I will always look thin or skinny to a lot of people and that’s okay. How they see me is not how I see myself. It took me a while to except myself and my body for its imperfections and you know what I Love Me! How someone sees you take if for a grain of salt. They can say what they want as long as you love you, and that is the best way to have the body you want!

No body is the same body. We all have an imperfect body and that’s okay. Love the body you have. Nourish your body of foods that will add life to you, health and love. Love yourself and please don’t dwell on what anyone says of you. Your body is yours and no one else!

Stay healthy. stay fit. Smile

Coach Natasha 

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