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When she's in snacks remember it's just a snack it is not a meal. This is your time of day when you get hungry say right before the end of school or right before the end of your work day. On this happens you start to have those crazy Cravings of something salty or something sweet or maybe even an actual meal. And if that is the case that you're craving a huge meal what did you have for breakfast? What did you have for lunch? 

Your snack should consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts or even some type of dip like hummus or a nut butter. Your snack should be in the timeframe of two to three hours before lunch or an hour to two hours after lunch and again have your snack nice and Light some carrots with some peanut butter, or 2 ounces of almonds with some celery or even a smoothie.

When we snack we tend to go for chips for cookies something sweet something savory and that will drive us off balance. So when snacking always be mindful because the snack is not a meal you will have that meal when it's dinner time so you want to get something that's going to curb your appetite keep you satisfied and relieve you of your hunger pains.

Quick and easy snack ideas can be:

Green apple slices with one ounce almonds

Red apple slices with cashew butter

Carrots, hummus, snow peas, and cucumbers

A small 4 ounce cup of oatmeal sprinkled with sunflower seeds honey and cinnamon

Baked vegetable chips or even try roasted chickpeas

All the examples above are very nutrient dense, protein, and a good source of insoluble fiber. When choosing snacks to snacks that have a very high fiber ratio because fiber will keep you Fuller longer.

Remember a snack is just a snack is not a meal.

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