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Road mix made by Kayana Frisk

Road mix made by Kayana Frisk We were on our way out to take a quick shopping trip and I have always told our kids to bring water and a lite snack. To my surprise not only did they remember this all by themselves (mom win!!) Our daughter made a snack for everyone! This is called The R0ad Snack by Kayana Frisk. I hope you enjoy and will be able to enjoy this,easy snack as much as we do! 😉 This is a great mix of healthy fats,(monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) fiber, low whole grain carbohydrates, low sugar fruit and a great source of protein and nutrients to kill a long distance ride. Eat mindfully and enjoy tgis easy snack. 1/3-1/4 cup or equal parts of all ingredients Raisins, craisins or any dry fruit (low sugar) Almonds Unsalted Peanuts Whole grain cereal She used peanut butter and chocolate cheerios. Mix and enjoy! Recipe by Kayana Frisk 

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