Happy November!!

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, bonfires are in the air and Fall is here!!!

I love this season so much. With all the colors and the trees changing the kids raking leaves and jumping into piles it also gives us time to make time for those who mean the most and put our time into family and life. It may be a great time to slow down and prepare for the New Year as well, but until then enjoy the time you may have. Bake a pie. Take a walk. Plan a trip with a loved one or a bunch or friends. Visit a winery or take a hike. Now is the best time to discover and see what Virginia has to offer in landmarks and more.

Fall also means that the sun will set faster and that means that we lose that extra hour to get stuff done and soak up the sun. We also lose Vitamin D from the sun as well. We all go into a state or hibernation and these means more eating and sitting and less moving. Don’t let this happen to you!! I have a new calendar for November to keep us on track!

Eating the right fuel will help and keep you hitting your goals as well! Try to stay in season with the fruits and vegetables and cook with color and fullness! Look at the “In season Produce” below! Also it’s the time for Baking cookies, cakes and pies oh my!! Don’t get caught up in the mix! Try and put that sugar tooth to bed! Try my Mock Apple Pie listed in the recipe box! But remember whatever you do, do it in moderation! Let’s knock out the rest of this year with a bang!

As always Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. Smile

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