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Losing Weight at any Stage in life

Welcome to this New Series I'm calling Weight Loss 101: Mom Series. Reading that title what comes to mind? Is this something that motivates you? Is this something that you have tons of questions on and just want to get to the bottom of? Losing weight can be so confusing, draining and just down right HARD! My goal in this series is to help inform all the mama's out there that it can be done in a way that is best for YOU!

There is something that we must all remember.. "we all have different bodies and different body mechanics working either with us or against us" As mom's this is even more True! We go from having a person growing inside of us for 9 beautiful months to that person vacating the premises and leaving us well not how we started off! We have a whole new body, a new feel, and a new way to figure out how the heck to get back to what we had! But I'm here to say don't go back, work with what you Have!

You may be that awesome super mom that bounces back in an few weeks to a couple of months and you may not be and guess what That is Okay! This losing weight thing should not be a race. It should be about loving yourself and finding ways to take care of you body for life and not just the moment.

It does not matter if your kids are weeks old or years old, if your goal is to feel good, look good, and lose weight do it in a way that is safe, and beneficial for YOU. As a mom of a teenager and a tween I can say that I'm finally at a place in my body space that I love! It took me years to get here. Its all about confidence, security, and at the end of the day loving you no matter what! I'm going to be 37 this year( OH MY GOSH!!) and I can feel amazing.. because I listen to my body, work with my body and not against it.

Losing weight is a conscious agreement that we make with ourselves when we see certain things I believe. So surround yourself with Positive Body Love and the stigmas of " I should look like her" I should be thinner I'm almost (insert age) "I hate how I look"

Negative body love hurts you and will have you doing things in a rush. Start talking to yourself with more love. Replace Should with:

"I love how my arms are so strong that I can pick things up"

"I love how my jeans feel on my legs that carry me to the places I need to be"

"I love that my belly carried life for 9 months and give my another person to love so much"

In this series you will get some great tips on nutrition, body love, and more. Below is a great video all about infusing water! Water helps us in so many ways! Remember this if anything at all:

" The weight you have now took some time to be put on, and you will need time to lose it as well"

Welcome to the Weight Loss 101: Mom Series


Coach Natasha

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