How's it going

Happy New Year's. How is everything going? We are still in the beginning of this year and we've had some wacky weather as you can tell. But don't let that get you in the front remember to write down your goals and keep pushing forward and whatever it is that you want in life. You may face the challenges, you may face go through some hardships, but keep in mind that you will be. Set your expectations so high that they are unreachable. You control what you want to do and you must maintain that control always.

As we go into the third week of January don't go in with high expectations, go in with your goals in front of you and to keep focused on what you want. Don't get so caught up in social media and pictures and what everybody else is doing.

Phone number we are still in the beginning of this year things will happen and change is coming. What are some of your goals this year to plan better? Or some of your goals to eat better? Or some of your goals - start prepping meals or cooking more? If so get on it and move.

Your health starts with what you and Jess and that comes from the kitchen. So I have some great recipes for you to follow and breakfast recipe and also a dinner or I can be in lunch recipe.

I will help keep you in the kitchen and nourishing your body to help you reach your healthy lifestyle. A good recipe stars of a good shopping list. Looking back to the superfoods article I had wrote you want to shop with those in mind and have at least five superfoods going into your meal every week.

Super foods such as green leafy vegetables, peppers of all colors that are rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber. Beans and legumes and even quinoa that is a very good protein source.

Forget your super fruits are oranges and lemons your green apples, kiwi  and a array of berries of all kind. Don't forget your Healthy fat sources as an avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, these are all great sources of fat mono and polysaturated.

We're still in the beginning of this year so leave your doubts behind you and keep smiling in front of yourself.

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Check the links below to get your free Back to Basics 14 day jumpstart cardio workout and also two recipes. As always. Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. Smile 

14 days of Fitness and Energy Back to Basics Jumpstart plan 

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