Holiday Burn and Torch Workout

Happy Holidays! Do you love how that sounds. It’s so festive so sweet and so is all the food and treats that we have wanted all year to indulge in. And you know what that’s okay! If you have been sticking to your fitness plan (good for you!) then yes I say indulge and have fun!!! Holidays like this come once and year and we can have a good time and unwind, but in doing so don’t put all your hard work and plan out the window. So with that being said I have the solution for you so you will not be too guilty in having that second cookie, or third! Remember it’s all about balance and moderation! If we deprive ourselves of life’s little enjoyments then we become irrational and out of control with our portion sizes, nourishment and focus! So I say this holiday season have FUN and keep training your mind and body too! In doing so I have a great Holiday Burn Workout for you! Easy in home moves with no weights and you can do this work out through the rest of the holiday season! Happy Holidays to you all!

First Move Knee Lifts

  1. Warm up. You want your warm up to be light, fun and easy. So here is your first move. Knee High Lifts

Do this move for 1 minute. This will get your heart rate pumping and warm up your large muscle groups (legs)

2. Lunges

  1. Legs should be ready and warm so now you can build up your quads and glutes muscles. Start with forward lunges 2 sets 8 reps on each leg.

Then reserve lunges 2 sets 8 reps on each leg. When you do you lunges start with your weak leg and be 45 degrees back. Have your knee come down but not touching the mat. You want your front leg to be your stabilizing leg and you want your front knee to not come past your toes. If you have bad knees make your lunges wide. In between each set take a 10-15 second break

3. Wide Pilate Squats

  1. Wide Pilate Squats. Bring your legs wide pass your shoulders and have you toes facing outward. You will then pulse your legs up and down. The target muscles for this move are you glutes, inner thighs, hamstrings, and quads. 2 sets 8 reps. take a 10-15 second break in between each set.

4.Over Head Squats.

Have you feet shoulder with apart and if you have bed knees come past your shoulders. As you Squat down bring your arms up over head towards the ceiling and reach.

2 sets 8 reps

5. Mountain Climbers. Great cardio exercise and great move for legs, and core. Come down to your mat and place your hands wide in front and knees down. And one at a time bring your knees close to the outside of your elbow. Do this move for 2 sets of 30 seconds.

6. Dips. This exercise is great for toning your triceps which are the muscle behind your arm. If your arms have a jiggle this one move will help! Come down on your mat and place your palms by your hips and feet in front. You will then dip up and down. Hip high. Use the strength in your arms. 2 sets 8 reps.

Move 1.

Move 2.

7. Bridge. This is a core strengthen move. Come down on your mat and place your palms by your hips and feet in front. You will then rise up hip high and hold for 10 seconds. Lower down and repeat. Do this move for a total of 60 seconds.

8. 100 (one hundred) this is another great core strengthening move. Come down to you back on your mat and bring your legs to a t-top position. Rise up from your chest and bring your arms to your waist and inhale and exhale and count to 100 as you exhale waving your arms up and down.

9. Side Plank. This will strengthen your side abdominal and center core also. This is a great balance mood and you can modify this one also. On your mat come on your side and place one foot under the other starting on your left side. Bring your hips high and your arm above. If you can bring your eyes to your hand and hold this pose for 10-15 seconds on each side and repeat for a total of 2x

Move 1 full side plank

Modify side plank

10. Downward facing dog. This move is great for strengthen your back muscles and a great hip stretch. Placing your hands on the mat and stepping back with your feet wide or together, bring your hips and waist high. Relax your head in between your chest to center into your heart and hold this pose for 10-15 seconds. Come down on your knees and sink back. Repeat for a total of 2 x.

11. Pyramid Pose. This pose will help tone and strengthen your hamstrings and stretch them out. Starting on your left side step back with your right leg wide and toes facing front. Place your hand on your hips and inhale and as you exhale let your hands slide down towards you knee. Keep your chest high. And repeat for a total of 2x.

12. Reverse Warrior Pose. This pose is to give you strength, poise, and confidence. Step back with your right leg and forward with your left leg placing on the power on the left leg. Line your heals up together, bring your arms out long in front of you and bring your right arm down to your thigh as your left arm raises up to the sky. Inhale and as you exhale sink deeper into the stretch.

Enjoy this workout and the holidays to come. As always Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. Smile


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