Healthy Life 101: Living and Being Well

Welcome to a new series that I call Healthy Life 101. In this series you will find articles on how to live a life of health and wellness and how easy you can obtain it! These are some of the methods that attributes from my programs Mind. Body. Glow and Mindfull and Fit. In this series I will share easy to use methods for you to start your journey of living, breathing and being the best version of you!

We all want to have a healthy lifestyle and live a life of well being, but how do you go about obtaining that life? What are some of the steps to take or even make in customizing that life? In this series Healthy Life 101 I will share some easy tips on how to change your mind set on living a new life of Health and Wellness. In this introduction the first is Living and Being Well and what exactly is that? In this series there will be some great information and articles on living your life the way you want to and being healthy and well. So how do you live a life of wellness and what should you do now? Wellness a statement that is described as a person in positive health, mind, and has a great quality of life. If you feel that you are in a positive flow of health, that your mindset is functioning well then you are in that state of Wellness.

Living and being well starts with your body being able to function day to day, and able to move or workout or be in a physical shape. We only have this one body, this one mind, so we need to do the maintenance to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we neglect ourselves and focus our energy on taking care of everything else around us. We always seem to get lost in our own way sometimes and lose sight of ourselves, and that is not a great way to be living well or have wellness in our lives. So what are some ways to stop the neglect and stop with the excuses? Start right now. Start today at this very moment.

First thing when you wake up what do you do? Do you reach for your phone and reach out into the world of social media or do you wake up, stretch have a glass of water and start your day without checking into see if the world didn’t move without you? Let go of the first thing you do and make a new plan. Change your morning routine a bit. If you switch up your morning habit with a wellness habit such as stretching or having a glass of water this will create and open up a new wave of new habits to start that will change your outcome for the day a head. We all have habits that may need some tweaking. But we all have habits. Habits are the one thing that we are so good at having set for many years, never changing them up.

When starting a lifestyle of well being you do not have to dump everything out and start so fresh. Pick one thing at a time. Look back at some of the times you tried a new fitness program or a new diet and remember what worked well and also rememebr what did not work well. Having this knowledge will help you on the path of living and being well. You do not have to throw everything away so to speak.

  1. Change up your Habits. Make a list of things you want to change. Make a list of things that you can obtain in a true matter meaning you know without a doubt you can make that commitment to complete that habit. Write 5 things down you want to see change for the rest of the year, but pick 1 habit off the list you make and do that habit everyday for 2 weeks. Then move on to the next one on the list and still do the first habit but add on the new one. This makes it so much better to reach your goal and not feel over whelmed or get too caught up say on a dead line, because this is for you and not anyone else.

  2. Be open to change. Change is hard and if it wasn’t them everyone would be living the best possible version of themselves daily. You have to be ready, willing and able to make the changes you want to have a better life of well being.

  1. Have patience. You have to remember you are human and you will make mistakes from time to time but you also have to remember that you must have patience with yourself in order to see changes, and break old habits. Slowing down and taking your time to figure out what you want the most to change about yourself is key in your personal growth and health.

  1. Focus your mindset on what works for you. The only person that knows you is you. You are the only person who knows what you like, what you will deal with and what you will not deal with. Once you have those answers then your mindset should focus on what is going to help you be a stronger version of you and what will make you have the life of well being you want.

Living and Being Well all boils down to what works best for you, and letting go of what is no longer working and letting go of what never did. Living and Being Well is all about taking care of yourself so you can live out your life feeling and being strong, resilient, and embracing the connection to yourself. Below are 5 easy Habits of Health to start now. These are great suggestions to start with. Start today by becoming the best version of you.

Good luck to you on this new journey of Wellness.

Coach Natasha

Coach Natasha’s Health Corner

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