Harvest Moon Flow

This coming Saturday will be our second full moon this month and this one is called the Blue Moon or Harvest Moon.

October was given the name Hunter Moon because of the emphasis on hunting. By the time October came around, animals had become fattened thanks to their bountiful eating through the spring and summer. Therefore October was the best time to hunt animals. Not only were they plumped to their prime, but people needed to slaughter them so they could be preserved throughout the winter. But not alot of people eat meat as much anymore but you can still enjoy the benefits of this Moon phase.

The wonderful thing about Full Moon healing is that everyone on the planet gains from its powers. Even if your view of the Full Moon is obstructed by clouds, haze, or smog, the energy still permeates the world.

Join me this Blue Moon aka Harvest Moon to release all that you have been working toward this year and manifesting. Use this Moon to reach your goals and begin what you intended to set out to do.

This Flow is intended to help you continue to move into your Intentions, Manifestations and make them your reality! Use this Flow to awaken the Hunter in you and finish what you have started! Now is the time to do the work and get it done! You are Ready!

Holistic Natasha

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New Class! Flow and Balance 

Class: Flow and Balance coming November 8th. This will be a Sunday morning class for all levels and those seeking to be balanced, have more flexibility and mobility in your body. Classes are Sunday mornings at 11am est time. This is a 45 minute class  This will be a Live class with the option to by the replay.  This is a 8 week class and the price is $60. Save your spot today! Respond by saying "Save my Spot" to email holisticnatasha@fitnessandenergy4u.com 

Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. Smile

Holistic Natasha

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