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Happy New You 2017

Another year has passed and a new year has begun. I like to look back and reflect all the things I did and the things I learned from. I however am not one to dwell on things that I had no control over and I like to think I can let those things go. Every year you may write a list or resolution on what you are going to change, do, add, or even complete. I say make you list short and sweet! Don’t put too much thought into what you want but more or what you need! Needs and wants get so mixed up and can lead you in the wrong direction. So bring your direction, your focus on what betters you and those around you. Let’s make this year a year of helping and inspiring others to do the same. So where do you start? Great question! I have some sure fire tips to help you pave the way and have a successful and wonderful 2017

Make time for you!!

Be selfish this year! You might be shaking your finger at me and that’s okay, hear me out. In order to run a house, job, or self one has to take care of them self first before he or she can take on anyone else. If you are not whole how can you help someone else? Take time to know that you are alright first and have the energy to lift some else up who may need it. Take time in getting to know you again and listening to yourself first. Not only will this help guide you and heal you, but this self reflection will help others too! We will never have it all together, and admitting that and seeing it is the first step. So be selfish. Tell you kids No I need a break for 10 or 15 minutes. Take a nap, read a book, listen to some music, meditate or just sit in quick. Self reflection is something no one else can ever take from you, but when you give yourself to someone else they will use you up. This is not an intentionally thing. We as humans are by nature care givers and want to help always. But in order to do so we must take care of us first and then those after. So take your time getting out of your car when you arrive home from work! Listen to that song, or podcast. Take an extra minute or two in the shower! Let your family, let yourself see that you are worth the wait!

Lose weight if YOU want too!!

Okay this is a very touchy subject I know as a Professional Fitness Trainer how touchy this is but I want you to read this carefully. There is NO PERFECT BODY!! We all have differences and we do not have the SAME BODY!!! We are all different. We are all different shapes, sizes, and so forth. We are not the SAME. I say if you want to lose weight then do so, but do so with health in your heart and not lust. Do so for longevity and not social gain. Our world view on weight loss and health is so obscured and demeaning and at times I myself wonder what is going on!! But that is not my place to judge or call anyone out. It is not my place at all. I say if you need to lose weight from medical reasons, health reasons please do so. Let that be your reason and let that be the reason our youth can see! That we CAN be Healthy, Fun, and not let what others say dictate our life. But hey if you want to look good in a bikini hell do it too, again no judgment here. Let your reason be your reason and that is that! What you do to your body is no one’s business and I think that is the lesson that is most crucial and we are missing it. As a mom of a little 8 year old girl and a 12 year old boy, they that see that I workout and train others for health and longevity and not just for social gain. When we can take away the superficial meaning behind losing weight and gain that trust back in ourselves then we can win the fight!

Again be you and be happy. That is all that matters.

Eat Healthy or Eat Better?

Hmmm this is a very tough one. Do I want to eat healthier or eat better? What is the difference? Which one is less? Which one is less time consuming? Which one will help me more? These might be some questions you have. And I can tell you that one and the other are not the same. We can all eat better as in no fast food, no crap food, more greens, and more fruit and so on… but eating healthy has more of a mindful approach to it. When we eat we eat subconsciously. At times we aren’t even hungry but we see food so we must want food right? That is our subconscious playing tricks on us. Certain smells, colors, and even venues draw us into a trance to eat. Have you ever been to a place or passed by a place that had a smell, an aroma that just took you back to your childhood and the next thing you know you are wolfing down a doughnut or some type of pastry? Yes this happens all the time! Our subconscious keeps those memoires locked up for times of need and maybe even despair. We have morphed into eating food just to eat food! We do not to eat food for fuel or for energy anymore. We have morphed to eat for comfort or self right. Once we can separate and bring balance into our eating habits then we can be satisfied. But how can we do it?

Eat when you’re hungry.

Eat at the same time everyday for dinner, breakfast and lunch.

Eat 30 minutes to an hour after a workout

Eat without sound, no TV, no music.

Eat as a family

These little tricks will help and keep you on target!

Eating healthier or eating better can be both the same if you stick to a plan and cut out the garbage. Don’t get me wrong you and I will have a piece of cake here and there and guess what that’s okay. Live life and do not let life live you. I wish you luck in 2017 and beyond

Natasha Frisk

@copyright Fitness and Energy w/ Natasha Frisk

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