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Welcome to the Fitness and Energy Community

Hello and Welcome to this community of Health, Wellness, Mindfulness, but most of all self love. Fitness and Energy w/Natasha Frisk is a mobile based business of providing services of: Personal one on one training

Group Training

Nutrition Coaching

And helping you to understand the basics of exercising, eating well and living your best self. Here in this community you will find a lot of everything! Motivation, Encouragement, Inspiration, Guidance, and Love. This is a community based on Energy, and Self Love. With you and others in this community you will always be welcomed and never judge. I want you to look around and invite others to this Community. If you are looking for better health guidance, fitness guidance, self love guidance then look no further.

Let go of what is not need and embrace for New Directions, New Lessons, and a New Version of YOU!

" Your Greatest Strength is LOVE"


This is a picture from a Mobile Fitness Class this pass summer. Fitness in the park for kids. Teaching them Goat Yoga!

Baby Goats and Kids! Pure Love!

We succeed in this life by helping others to blossom and grow. With that we too will blossom and grow.

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