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Grilled Spinach and Kale Sausage with Cannellini

Summertime is here. So that means firing up the grill and making weeknight dinners more relaxed and easy. This recipe is just that! Packed with fiber, protein, and veggies. Great meal anytime during the week and a great staple to have in your back pocket. 


1 package nature promise chicken spinach kale sauasge

2 cans cannellini beans

1 lemon 

1/3 cup red onion

2 tbs olive oil 

1/8 tps red crush pepper 

1/2 tps minced garlic

2 tps parsely dry

Black pepper

Lemon zest salt

Step 1:

Drain beans and rinse. Add to a bowl. Then add in the olive oil, onion, spices, and the juoce of the lemon. Let that chill for 30 minutes. 

Step 2:

Grill sausages to fully cooked. And plate.

Step 3:

Remove beans from fridge, put on a platter, add cooked sausages and serve. 


Easy summer meal

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