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Full Moon Flow

Good morning. Coming this Friday there will be another beautiful Full Moon. The full moon is a time to let go of what no longer serves us, inviting us to lean inward and listen more closely to our minds and bodies. During the cycle of the moon, we can use this New Moon to plant new seeds of intention, to continue to do your own thing and find what really serves you. With this New Moon coming Friday you may feel a little unbalanced in your feelings, you may struggle to speak what you mean without tying deep emotional feelings. This is because a Rebalancing is taking place. A transformation is in the works to establish Balance and Harmony around us and in our world.

During this process of Rebalancing your emotional connections, your emotions may give off tendencies that make you feel restricted in your feelings and may give you insight on adjusting your Boundaries. With this New moon on the horizon, now is a great time to tie up any loose ends you may have, and focus on reclaiming how you want to lead your intentions.

I invite you to join me this Friday for a Full Moon Flow. This is a very rare and special class that I am holding and I would love to have you there. Let this full moon flow help guide you into a new stage of fruition and help you uncover your deepest intuitive being.

The Full Moon Flow is Friday at 6:30pm. Via Zoom


Have you joined my New Challenge yet? Sign up here for the Better Body Challenge. This is a challenge inspired to guide you into a state of listening to your body, mind and spirit connection. This is a challenge to support all that you may be going through with the world being upside down and give you insight on how to listen to your intuitive self and remove negativity in your life and add Light to yourself. Sign up here and lets have better balance in our bodies.


Here is my latest Smoothie Bowl Recipe!

Holistic Natasha

Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. Smile

" May all the negative energy that's trying to work against you fail. May you be covered with a protection of light that brings you harmony." -Idil Ahmed

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