Eat more whole foods!

So this is not new, but it seems that you will start to see this everywhere. Eat more whole foods. Eat more plant based meals. But what does that mean? I am I not already eating whole foods when I eat? Lets get down to what this means and how you may want to start adjusting your meal patterns.

Whole foods eating foods in there natural state. No process or minimal processing to held them. Foods, mostly plant foods that are grown and have no additives, artificial flavorings, and are whole.

Now this also goes for grains, beans and legumes. Eating whole foods, plant foods have so many benefits! They will provide you nutrients, minerals, fiber, and promote weight loss and prevention.

This approach is definitely holistic and can put practice into your daily habits of eating by swapping out some things you would normally eat day to day. You could swap out white pasta for whole grain pasta or even give vegetable noodles a try.

You could go "meatless" and use beans or legumes for your protien instead of the meat. Choosing this for 1 or 2 meals a week can have tremendous affects on your:

Energy balance



Help to prevent diseases

And increase your life expectancy!

I have been on a plant based plan for 4 months and I love it! I went from eating meat daily to just not liking it anymore. This is a personal preference by all means, but eating this way has done a lot for my fitness and body goals.

You do not have to give up meat cold turkey, but changing up your eating plan is a great way to reconnect with your body and see what is going on not only externally but internally as well. Check out one of my favorite easy recipes below

using all meatless and plant based options!

If you are ready to dive in and learn more sign up for my 6 week course Mindfully Fit were you will learn how to fuel your body with not only food but with mindfulness as well. Energy in is always going to have energy come out.

Spaghetti Squash Taco boat

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