Do you have a bad gut?

With today's hustle and bustle way of living most Americans are leaving out of their cars and fueling their bodies with Fast food, Junk and just quick meals. So with this you are not treating you Gut great at all. Do you ever feel bloated, sluggish or just not sure whats going on? It might be time for you to have a gut check. Our digestive systems needs proper enzymes to help break down our food and protect our stomach lining as well. We need to fuel or bodies with the proper dense nutrients to help or liver and pancreas work proficiently. By doing that you will no feel so sluggish, bloated or just miserable. Eat green leafy veggies to help fight toxins. Drink green tea to help with you metabolism and to and mint for the bloat. Buy a prebiotic and a probiotic supplement or eat greek yogurt and add some berries to it.Add more fiber rich foods into your diet as in beans, quinoa, lentils, fermented foods such as KimChi or a fiber supplement. We need grams of Fiber per day. Eat the colors of the rainbow when it comes to fruits and veggies. Lets walk more and focus on your inhales and exhales. Breathing helps with digestion believe or not.!! Be mindful when eating and choosing your meals. If you are the on the go person prepack you meals or if you have to stop and grab something, instead of the chips reach for a apple,water bottle and nuts. We can do this the right was from now on it just takes one day at a time!

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