Detox your liver and kidneys

Kidneys and liver are a big organs that help with digestion, blood filtering and absorbing vital nutrients and minerals. The liver filters the blood and collected cells and it also collects damaging cells that are harmful microorganisms. Our enzymes kill and break down the dead cells and microorganisms so they can be safely reabsorb and put it back into the bloodstream which will be transported to the kidneys. Our liver  also helps our digestive functions and with our digestive health.

Our kidneys are known as the blood cleaners and they receive filtered blood from the liver and they filter it again to reabsorb all the nutrients and minerals that we need to put back into the bloodstream. The kidneys also eliminate any compounds that we don't need and then it filters through urine which flows through a uterus and then it goes back into our bladder and in our bladder it expels all of the elements that we don't need and then it eliminates it through our urethra. Green tea, green juices with spinach, Swiss chard, green apples and celery are all natural and Healthy remedies to clean and detox your kidneys and liver. You should add these veggies and fruits to your meal plan also to continue your healthy lifestyle. 

Here I have made a great detoxifying juice a green juice for your kidneys and your liver. So if you have a Nutribullet or a blender of some sort this is what you'll need:

3 stalks of celery

One green apple peeled and diced seeds removed

One juice from a lemon

One cup of water

Add all these ingredients to your blender or your NutriBullet or your ninja blend and drink

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