Calories to count or not

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

We have all been there in our life once or twice, were we count calories for each meal. Using certain programs like weight watchers, nutrisystem, and many others that use the calorie counting advise. And now we have even better tools colored containers to help with our portion control which is a cool fun way to count calories. I'm here to say counting calories doesn't not really work for everyone. Counting calories is not always accurate.

Reading your nutrition label seen those calories May differ from other brands, how the food was cooked, when the food or vegetable was pulled from its Vine, and other matters as in size. Calories are put on labels and menus to give you peace of mind and again 25% of them are not always accurate.

Counting calories may even discourage you from eating certain foods that you should be eating. Counting calories is a lot of work, and it can bring on frustration that you don't need, instead here is a guide that you can use the substitute counting calories. Using your hands is a great way to start measuring if you are on a program that advises you to count calories.

You always want to eat food for nutritional value and not just the calories. You always want to eat food that is lean protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and whole grains. If you can have your plate with these types of food then you will stay on track.

Counting calories takes work. You have to know how many calories to eat in order to lose weight and burn fat and then you also have to do how many calories to eat after you workout or before you workout and that this is frustrating, time-consuming, and not needed.

Counting calories by show of research has shown they can be off by about 25% because of incorrect labeling, laboratory measurement error, and food quality. A possible 25% error on the “calories in” side, and another 25% error on the “calories out” side. 

So ask yourself is counting calories worth it? Is measuring every type of food you have to eat, looking everything up on a nutritional database, or even planning your menu ahead before you go out to eat because you need to count calories ask yourself if that is worth it.

How about instead of counting calories you can use your fist and there is a great infograph in the link below to help you with that.

Remember eating food is fueling your body and giving you the energy that you need. You shouldn't have to work for your meal and you shouldn't have to stress your body for your meal.

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