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Better Body Balance

Updated: Jan 11

Balance starts with allowing change to begin. Balance starts with leaning in and listening to yourself. Balance is all about you. When you decide to choose the things that help grow and give you light in strength that is balanced. When you choose to let go of the things that do not give you growth that do not show you love and support that is balance.

Some of my tips for balance include the following:

Start your morning off with self reflection. Sit in

quietness to reflect on the day ahead. Choose and set your intention of how your day will be.

Wake up your body and organs with a glass of water. This will help to put a positive energy flow in your day and reset your body to move well.

Get a good stretch session in to weaken the body movement helps you feel good and also creates a balancing flow.

Take time to write in your journal of the things that your feeling and the things that you're looking forward to.

Prepare and plan your meals. By creating this consistency and ritual this makes it easier for you to be in control of consuming foods that will nourish your body and keep you in balance.

Knowing what my be the imbalance in your body will also support your healing and unity with your body. Our body talks to us in the form of possible aches, pains and or unexplained rashes. These are all signs of imbalances. Weight gain or weight loss, loss of focus, lose of appetite or extreme anxiety and worry.

To heal is to know. To guess is to stay in the dark. Start listening to your body's cues for better body balance.

Now accepting clients for my 6 month Better Body Balance Program. This is a personalized 6 month wellness program that focuses on helping you bring your imbalance to light, remove blocks, release emotional weight and be better balanced.

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