Banana Baked French Toast

We have a tradition here at our home. Every Sunday I make a big feast of a breakfast for us to eat. Anything from blueberry lemon waffles, or cream chesse bagel French toast,  hash, fruit you name it. We all gather at the table, eat, play games and just dish on what is going on in life and the day! I love this tradition we have created and hope to do this one day with our kids, kids too. So this breakfast casserole is easy and can be made ahead of time! You can make this the night before or a couple of hours before. You can also use other variations in place of the bananas like, blueberries, blackberries,  ham and cheese, or even coconut and ginger! 

Family traditions are such a great luxury to have. I love when the kids come in the kitchen and cook with me and smiles on their faces knowing the food that they have just made it so good and they are so proud of them. So your aprons and let's get the cooking!! 


Half-life of day-old French bread

1/2 cup  of almond milk or skim milk

2 bananas slice into 1/2 inches( 1/ 2 cup saved for topping) 

9 by 13 baking pan or an 8 by 8 baking pan

10 farm fresh eggs

1 tps cinnamon 

1 tps nutmeg

1/2 tps Vanilla extract 

Olive oil baking spray


Spray your baking pan with the olive oil baking spray.

Cut the half loaf of French bread into cubes add to the baking dish and add bananas to. In a medium-size mixing bowl add the eggs and next, then add in the almond milk cinnamon in egg and vanilla. Continue mixing until the eggs or mix through. Add the egg mixture to the baking dish covering the bananas and bread.

Big at the oven temperature of 350 for 30 to 35 minutes. Remove from oven and top with more bananas. And served with fresh fruit on the side enjoy! 

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