5 Healthy Habits to Start Now

When starting a new plan or program you may get a little discouraged at first because the commitment seems one or two things:

Time consuming

Not Affordable

Those two things should never be a major concern when it comes to your health and wellness. We have this one life that has this one body and we should be able to live the way we want. But living the way we want may have so repercussions and work. If your okay with that then live my friend the way you want! Or you can take the time and stop and put the effort in that you want in yourself.

We all can't wait for that Monday to start that new diet or to do that new exercise. We get so pumped up and talk a good game, but for some of us when that day comes we push it off to the next day or week or month until its a new year with the same goals and ambitions. We talk a good game but we lack the follow through why is that?

Because talking is so much easier then doing the actually work. So to not feel overwhelmed or even scared I have come up with a list of % easy habits to start right now. Simple everyday life things that we take for granted or push aside. Simple life choices like breathing, or drinking water!

When we sit down and take the time to simplify our life you can really see how easy things will fall into place. So take a moment or two and look over this easy list I have made for just that.

When your done download your copy to your phone or device. Carry it around with you. Try these easy methods for a week, then the next, then add your own in.

5 Healthy Habits to Start Now

  • 1. Stretch your body to wake up.

According to the Mayo Clinic the in the include mental release and relaxation, relief from muscle tension and greater range of movement. is a great way to wake the body up, move the blood, and gets your heart pumping. Find easy stretch such as:

Side Bend

Touching your toes

Chest and Back round and release

  • 2. Drink a glass of water first thing when you wake up.

  • will wake up your metabolism, help keep you hydrated, helps your body flush out toxins, gives your brain fuel, and will help you feel fuller longer after your meal.

  • 3. Unwind

Read a book. Take a walk. Write down your thoughts. Or seat in silence. Any of these will help you to relax, release any stress or tension and be mindful.

  • 4. Eat before 8:30pm

Plan to finish your meals by this time so when you go to bed you will wake up not bloated orlethargic. Going to bed on an empty stomach will help you sleep better, wake up hungry so you will know your hunger cues. Sleeping on a full stomach will add in more stress to your body and will have your body working when it should be rest.

  • 5. be mindful of you.

Love yourself. There is no perfect body. We are all different. Never judge yourself against someone else. Find what works for you and makes you feel you’re very best.


Coach Natasha

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