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Personalized Meal Plans

Personalized Meal Plans are such a wonderful way for you to spend less time worrying about what to eat, time to cook, schedule or over eat. Having a personalized plan sets you up for success and helps to educate you on how to shop smarter, Better, and eat foods that your body needs.

Meal PLanning Benefits

  • Having a meal plan gives you more Freedom and Time in your life. 

  • Gives you the options to eat more Healthy and to find what foods help you to feel Better

  • You will have a automated shopping list and New recipes to eat

  • Helps you to plan your week better

  • Helps you to stick with a budget 

  • All the hard work will be done for you! 

  • Planned meals save time and money

  • Meal plans can reduce weight gain and help you to have control over your food cravings


Easy and Hassle Free

Let's Cook Membership 

is wonderful if you:

  • You want to learn how eat more Whole and Plant Based meals

  • You want to cook more

  • Improve your overall health 

  • Be better Balanced in your Body, Mind and Self

  • You want to stop “dieting” and create a Healthy Connection to Food

  • To Prevent any family history of chronic illness, heart disease or cancer from entering your life

We are in charge of what we consume and nourish our bodies and mind with. Food is a universal need and our bodies deserve the best support in the food we eat. Own and take Charge of your Health by eating foods that will refuel you and not make you weak.

One Plate: For busy individuals  

This personalized meal planning option is dedicated to busy individuals who feel life may be a bit unbalanced and your nutrition needs some help.

For those who feel that their demanding schedule leaves little or no time to eat nutritiously and want to break that cycle and need some guidance. 

One Plate will help you focus on the one meal you can plan and prepare the best and give you the confidence to build in the rest. 

In this meal planning service you will receive a personalized recipe book that focuses on the one meal(breakfast, lunch, or dinner) that you can prep and plan the best. A shopping list, meal prep template and delicious recipes!

Cost is $47.00


Nutritional assessment

Personalized recipe book

Shopping list

Nourishment Meal Plan(5 day sample meal plan)

Meal prep and plan guide book

* For Nutritional counseling a single session is

$85 for 90 minutes

 3 sessions  $225.00

The Nourishment Meal Plan

This nutrition meal planning service is great for family's and individuals  who want to focus more on whole foods, have busy schedules and want to be healthy. 

This service includes:

Nutritional assessment which is 90 minutes 

In this assessment we will go over your health history, current diet and any supplements and medications you may be on. 

You will receive a 6 week meal plan

30 Day Nourishment meal book 

3 week follow up session that is 45 minutes to go over the current meal plan and make any adjustments that are needed. 

Price is $200.00

This is an Online Service or In Person 

* If you are 62 years young or older the


*For Nutritional counseling a single session is

$85 for 90 minute session

3 sessions for $225.00


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