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Peripause to Menopause Wellness Program

Menopause does not have to be a hardship or a time of regret. Your menopause story can be filled with Energy, Light and love your body again. This program will teach you the tools to have before, during and after this chapter in your life. 

Each of the weekly sessions will be filled with actionable information, support, guidance, and laughter with other women.

If you have suffered from irregular menses, unexplained weight gain, PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, thyroid issues then this program is for you to help path the way for you to have a natural transition into the next Spring of your life. Menopause does not mean life is over, its just the opposite. We can begin to live the life we want to lead as a woman entering this phase. 

In this 10 week group program you will learn how to have a successful turn in this life with natural help and healing of your body through foods, connection and understanding what serves best for your body. This is a 10 week program with just 8 women who want to learn how to support thrre body, mind, and spirit in this new phase


You'll receive support throughout the week in a private group with other women in the program as well as myself. You'll be able to share as you put new skills into action, gain greater awareness about yourself, and grow new friendships.


Smoothie Ingredients

Through this live 10 week course you will learn how to better support yourself through this natural phase of life. 

In this live course you will learn the key pillars of how to nourish your body with food, herbs, better understand menopause nutrition, how to care and support the heart in menopause, and how inflammation and blood sugar play a role in better balancing your body in this phase of life. 

You'll be able to share as you put new skills into action, gain greater awareness about yourself, and grow new friendships. Each week you will learn about a different topic that focuses on helping you to be in better balance in your body.

These topics are:

The 3 Stages of Menopause

Better Food for Your Mood( Blood sugar balancing)

Healthy balance heart 

Essential Vitamins and Minerals


Lifestyle Considerations

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Who is this course for? 

For women who are going through perimenopause and menopause who are looking for guidance and help on this new phase of life. 

Are you suffering through your menopause?

Hot flashes

 Extreme weight gain and fatigue

 Mental blocks and forgetfulness

Low sex drive

restless legs

gas, bloat, IBS

If any of these relate to you then this program is designed for you. 

Menopause can be tricky and hard to get through if you do not have the right information. There are so many women going through what you maybe going through and need answers. In this workshop the answers and tips will be provided.
Menopause is another wonderful chapter to open and learn from in this stage in life. It can be hard or rewarding with the right nutritional tools, wellness and personal understanding of what works best for you.

  • Course syllabus: 

On  Tuesdays , we learn nourishing nutrition essentials together and class material.

There will be 3 cooking classes in this program on  January 29th 2:00pm est

February 5th 2:oopm est 

March 5th 2:oopm est


Everyday we take small steps and put all our actions into our daily practice. 

Your course includes: 

  1. Fitness and Energy's Women's Wellness Guide book and workbook.

  2. Nourishing You 10 week meal plan

  3. Heart healthy recipe book

  4. Access to the exclusive Be Fit & Well app

  5. Meno pause private group( app)

  6. 1:1 30 minute (private check in) session with Natasha(must schedule

  7. Lifetime access to this prorgam and all materials 

Health Shake
  • The course online and is a great place to connect with other women dealing with and learning about how to take care of their bodies in this stage of life.

    Your Menopause does not have to be a bad experience.

    In Nourishment and Energy

  • This Program starts January 16th 2023 with our first class January 17th. This is a group program of holistic learning for whole body wellness, body support and how to nourishing you in this new phase of life. 

The cost of this program is $379.00 and includes all the above and access to the Be Fit & Well App for 1 year. For more details enter Save my spot for the program description, questionnaire to see if this program is best for you and any questions you may have. 

Testimonials from Well Women


Natasha is fabulous. I'm not a very coachable person, very set in my ways. She's been an inspiration to me both in fitness and as a business woman. Her programs are diverse and catered to Your needs. i highly recommend Fitness and Energy.

Kim J.

As a business owner, mother of 4 and wife, extra time is not something I have a lot of! Natasha’s in home training enables me to take care of myself in an effective, efficient way! Her energy is contagious and her transparency is appreciated. The nutritional guidance she provides is easy to follow and is geared for real life!


Currently meal prepping, shopping for foods I'll be making from scratch tomorrow, and planning to heat up food I made from scratch last Sunday (to include homemade black bean burgers which even hubs (who normally doesn't eat anything unless it had a face) LOVES.  )

So - if you're in a situation where none of the fad diets are working for you and you're looking for a lifestyle change (not a "diet") - check out Coach Natasha.

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