I created  Fitness and Energy because I believe  Mindfulness and fueling our bodies with Energy of good whole foods, creating a space of  movement,  and connecting to ourselves it part of our Journey. With my guidance I will work with you to help you develop the skills to live a  long, holistically well life. With the right tools you can make the best Wellness Plan for your Life now and on.


I have  made programs that have 1 main priority:

To educate you on how to reset you mind on treating your body better. So you may live the life you want to lead while being Mindful, Healthy and Well.

My programs are flexibility, affordable, and will help you create a New Lifestyle for you by creating New Healthy Long Term Habits.

If you are Ready, Willing and Able to Change then please choose from the Programs below. Remember it will take time to become more balanced in your life and focused on what you need vs. want. This is an investment in wellness and health. Start now and don't hesitate any longer.

My programs are made to guide you with your life presently and fully. Each program is different and will be made into yours to use as your very own tool in your life.








Let Me Be your Holistic Nutritionist and Guide you through your Fresh Start

 Are you ready to unlock your health and rock life?

As a woman, mom and wife I know I want my health to be in the best shape so I can be around for all the small and big moments. You are in charge of your well being and no one else.  Are you truly Ready to Start the opening Chapter to yourself?

Join my Free Holistic Group for living your best healthy self! This is a group about Connection, Self Care, and ways to incooperate Holistic ways into your everyday life.

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