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Foundations: Women's Wellness Heath Coaching Program

A women's wellness program designed to help you make a better connection to yourself, to your roots and build your wellness from the ground up. In this 1:1 health coaching program you will learn the tools on how to repair your foundation and reset your body for full whole body wellness. You will learn how to nourish your body with better nutrition for you. Learn how to be mindful and have better cues of hunger, rest and recovery. And learn how the body shows you ways that it needs support. 

What's included in the program?

1:1 Health Coaching

6 health coaching sessions in person or online.

2 follow up sessions (bi monthly)

Personalized Wellness Protocol

Customized nutrition plan

Supplement wellness plan

25% supplement discount .

Women's wellness consult

Health and family health history

Diet and movement review

Wellness protocol.

Wellness goals and body balance. 

Be Fit & Well app

Access to exercise and movement videos and workouts

recipes/wellness workshops/webinars

Learning tools

Women's wellness guide book and journal

Video lessons ( access to Be Fit & Well app 1 year) 


Better Body Balance

Once this program is completed you can access the next program which is Better Body Balance a 3 month 1:1 coaching program

This program is for the everyday woman who wants to feel whole. Who wants to understand there body better and live a life of vitality, and to be free of feeling low, tried, and disconnected to the body. This is a program centered to help you feel healthy, to feel well in your space and to help you be better balanced in body, heart, mind and spirit. If you have had any of the following and want these unwell feelings to cease then this program is for you.  .

I am beyond grateful that you have found this space. I have created this space and this program with the hopes of helping women like you rediscover your Power and your Fire within to help you heal, feel, and be well in all stages of life.

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