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Hi,I'm Natasha

I am a Nutritionist & Health Coach and I help busy moms and families worry less about what meals to prepare as I do all the work for you!  

Are you looking for:

Less time in the kitchen and more time putting your energy into what you love? 

Saving money by eating out less and eating real food? 

Eating foods that help heal you and not make you sick? 

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Easy to follow recipes with nutritious ingredients that you and your family will love. 

Let's Cook:

Cooking and Learning Club

Coming April 2022

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How it works

Your monthly membership includes:

Whole food, plant based, gluten, dairy and soy free meals.

Weekly meal plans delivered to your inbox.

Shopping list, meal planning guide and nutrition information delivered to you. 

Wellness and nutrition education classes and access to videos.

Access to a nutritionist to help answer all cooking, planning and prepping questions.

Become the best pro home cook! 





Real food. Whole foods. Budget friendly meals. 


Im so happy you are here!

Natasha Frisk|CHN|CHNP|CPT
For the past 8 years I have helped women, busy moms and families find and understand what health works best for them.  My love of fitness and movement inspired me to connect nutrition and holistic health together and make it in a way for all to understand. I love health and wellness but I love teaching others how to find their wellness freedom. I created Fitness and Energy to help guide those who want to be well in this life with easy and doable ways to be Healthy and have Energy.  

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A cooking club inspired to help change one plate at a time. 

Let's Cook:
A cooking club to help you be the best at home cook! 

A cooking club to help you find your food freedom! 

Simple and easy ways to nourish yourself with nutritious foods, wellness learning and you at your healthiest and best! 

Salad in a Jar


Send me a direct message on my Instagram!
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