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Mobile Fitness

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Mobile Sessions

Mobile Fitness is a way to connect with Coach Natasha in your home or Office Space. Coach Natasha brings the gym and workout to you! No need for a gym membership at all. Sessions one on one start at

$70 per 1 hour session

Couples $95 per 1hr session

Group Min 3-Max 12   email for price

Starting at:


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Body Burner Package

Body Burner Package (6 week program  2 sessions a week)

This Program’s Main focus to bring awareness to your mind and body through Functional Training that is custom design for you.


Mindful and Fit Functional Training has 4 Phases: Function, Health, Fitness and Performance. This is a great strength and weightless program for beginners.

Set up your consultation today to get started!



Fitness and Energy (+) use on nutrition.
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