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Hello I'm Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Fitness Coach Natasha! I'm here to Guide you on finding your BEST YOU through Food, Fitness and Wellness. To help you to Let Go of what does not help you Grow, find what does make you Feel Amazing, guide you to Love Your Body and

Live Holistically Well !

Welcome to Fitness and Energy

A Wellness Online Practice inspired by Whole Foods, Plant Based programs Personal Fitness and Mind and Body Connection. 

I created Fitness and Energy because I believe in Mindfulness and fueling our bodies with Energy of good whole foods, to have food knowledge, and to create a wellness program that is best for preventing sickness, disease and creating a space of successful Wellness in Life. 

My Wellness Programs, Plans, and Courses are all Whole Food, Plant Based and Whole Body Wellness inspired.  As a Holistic Nutritionist I specialize in Whole and Plant based meals, programs, and plans. I believe in growing our food, eating foods in there closest natural form, and eating the Rainbow! 

My programs have 1 main priority:

To educate you on how to reset you mind on treating your body better.  To Coach so you may live the life you want to lead while being Mindful, Healthy and Well.

My programs are made to guide with your life presently and fully. With my programs and myself as you Personal Holistic Coach, I will help teach you balance, help you to make a Nutritional Plan that helps you become better skilled at cooking, creating meal plans, knowing what foods provide nourishment for you, And I will help you to create a Wellness Plan of fitness that works for you.

My programs are flexibility, affordable, and will help you create a New Lifestyle for you by creating New Healthy Long Term Habits.

If you are Ready, Willing and Able to Change then please choose from the Programs below. Remember it will take time to become more balanced in your life and focused on what you need vs. want. This is an investment in your wellness and health. Start now and don't hesitate any longer.

Let me Be Your Wellness Coach

Lets get started:

With 1:1 Nutrition Coaching together we can make the ideal nutritional plan that works for you. We will meet online by appointment or program optional.

Personal Fitness Coaching is ideal for women who are looking to add strength, loss weight, tone, and improve body awareness. We will meet online by appointment or program optional.

This service is ideal for the busy person who wants to cook but needs inspiration on what to eat. Plant based and Whole food meal plans available.